To meet the expectations of our customers, we have created an ice cream brand based solely on natural ingredients. We cooperate with Piątnica brand. Fresh cream, milk with a short shelf life and apiary honey create the portfolio of our ice cream flavours. Natural dried fruit, fruit straight from Polish plantations, cane sugar, cocoa are the main components of GRAMY ice cream.

GRAMY ice cream are available for take-out at a local or for delivery in dedicated packaging 350 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams.

GRAMY is the philosophy of life and sharing joy with others while having a serving of your favourite taste. Start your day with a tasting, be it blueberry or blackberry cream, mascarpone with nuts and honey or a portion of classic dessert chocolate, milk chocolate, oreo or salted caramel.

Look for locals, zones, spots and GRAMY trucks in which new flavours of GRAMY ice cream are available every day.

GRAMY ice cream are dedicated to everyone who promotes a healthy lifestyle and particularly to those who avoid all artificialities, food colorings and additives. GRAMY have a clean etiquette!!!

Currently implemented projects:

  • GRAMY ECO promotes ecological lifestyle and concern for the environment.
  • GRAMYonTOUR – cooperation with numerous partners.
  • GRAMYccino – cooperation with Fastcoffee to create the perfect iced coffee based on GRAMY ice cream and freshly ground coffee from Fastcoffee.